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Basic Training (2 days)

Develop and progress on your skills as a lash stylist, by taking this 2 day course that covers your complete Basic Training in depth

Learn everything you need to know about the 1:1 bonding technique and practice all of your new skills on a live model so that you can feel confident about starting your lash stylist services right away and fulfill your dream.


Training Topics

Day 1:

  • Step 1:

  • PowerPoint Presentation  practice on the mannequin

  • Training Subjects / overview

  • General knowledge eyelash extension

  • Salon set up Tips

  • All we need to know about the Natural Lashes and how it effects the Extension application

  • Lash Bible (Silk, Mink, BPT, Russian Volume, Curls, thickness, Premade, Kim-K......)

  • Material information (glue, tweezers and other essentials )

  • Health & Safety 

  • Hygiene

  • Contraindications

  • Consultation Script

  • Lash preparation

  • Adhesive control, Anker points & Symmetry

  • Treatment procedure (step by step live Demonstration)

  • Speed lashing

  • Aftercare advice 

  • Single and Full Set Removal 

  • Lash Infill procedure

  • How to work with difficult Lashes and Eyes

  • Before and After Pictures and Editing Apps 

  •  Step 2: Working on the model directly at our salon (4-5 hours of practice)

  • Lash preparation including 3 ways to apply Eye pads.

  • Retention Tips

  • Lash placement and on a mannequin

  • Eyelash extension application on your live model with about 80 eyelashes

  • Open Q&A session

Day 2

Experience working on two more live models for more confidence and trouble shooting procedures with in detailed tips and tricks.

Included In The Training Price

  • Work material

  • Beverages

  • Certificate

  • Professional support

  • Professional Kit

Once you have purchased our course, we will get in contact with you to schedule a suitable training day. Or you can click "book now" to check for availabilities and purchase through our booking system

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Important Information

You need a model for both training days. 1st day: from 3 hours AFTER the training starts (approx 11:30 am) 2nd day: full training day.

The model must come to the training day without make-up and without permanent eyelash extensions or lash lifting.

Please let us know at least 3 weeks before the start of the training whether you will bring a model yourself for this day or whether we should provide you with a model. For this service we charge you a one-time fee of $60.

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