Online Theory Lesson

Learn the skills of 1×1 eyelash gluing. This course is ideal for beginners and for advanced students who want to understand the theory of eyelash gluing more thoroughly.

Follow the video for a full explanation of the PowerPoint document and live discussion.

Enjoy the experience of learning everything from your own home easily and comfortably on your computer or tablet.

With this online training video, you will soon master all the skills necessary for eyelash gluing!



Training Topics


  • General knowledge eyelash extension,

  • Material science (glue, eyelashes, tweezers)

  • Health & Safety (allergies, dangerous substances)

  • Hygiene

  • Product training (care products for the customer, active ingredients, application area)

  • Treatment procedure (Step by Step)

  • Eye diseases

  • Removal of artificial eyelashes

  • Handling at the refill appointment

  • Calculation of treatment prices

Included In The Training Price


  • Online training video theory

  • Training documents as PDF (via link by email)