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Eyelash Extensions

One of the hottest beauty trends of the last few years has been eyelash extensions. Not only do these beautiful extensions look absolutely classic, they are a perfect way to accentuate your natural lashes. You can save time and energy from having to apply false lashes and even save on product by skipping the mascara! The best thing about eyelash extensions is that they come in so many different varieties and styles. From those that like to keep it more natural or for the ones who like the dramatic, there is a style and a lash to suit you. Unlike more traditional fake lashes, where the lashes are already applied to a strip that you glue on all at once, eyelash extensions require a lash specialist to be applied. Adhesive is used for an extension to be applied to each individual lash and repeated until the desired look is achieved, so the process is a lot more tedious. This adhesive is normally waterproof and is black to blend in with your natural lashes. By applying these extensions, it gives your natural lashes a fuller effect. The type of extension depends on your desired effect, with the extensions themselves varying in colour, weight and length. Beautylashious, with salons located in Cairns, Regents Parks and the Gold Coast, are specialists in skilfully applying lashes to ensure that every client walks out feeling beautiful and glamourous with their new lashes.

How to Care for your Eyelash Extensions

As much as we wish they could last forever, just like our real eyelashes, eyelash extensions will shed and require regular infills if you wish to maintain them. With the time between appointments normally being two-four weeks, there are ways to look after your eyelash extensions to ensure you get the most out of them during that time. First and foremost, after you get them done, try not to touch them, especially in the first few hours. What happens is that the oils in our skin can get onto the lashes and make them heavier, causing strain on the root. In the first twenty-four to thirty-six hours, it is also important to keep them as dry as possible and avoid hot, humid and steamy environments during that time as well as it can cause the adhesive to cure, undoing all that good work. If you have eyelash extensions in Brisbane or eyelash extensions in the Gold Coast or other hot and humid climates, it is best to stay out of the heat as long as possible, especially in that first day or two after getting them done for that reason. Try to use oil free products on your face and if you have naturally oily skin, try and keep it under control as much as possible. With eyelash extensions it is important not to play and pick at them, use any sort of mascara, wipe them over with makeup wipes or baby wipes and avoid using waterproof or oil-based eye makeup. Regularly clean them and follow any directions your technician gives you to maintain them. If you want to remove them, please do not try to remove eyelash extensions yourself. Either wait for them to shed naturally or go back to your technician as it can damage your natural lashes.

Technician Training

With the popularity of eyelash extensions, many beauticians have made the step into offering eyelash extensions. While this is an extra service for some places, other people have been able to run businesses based solely around eyelash extensions. As it is an intricate and delicate application process, it is important that those who are applying eyelash extensions are trained efficiently in not just applying extensions, but health and safety protocols that are part and parcel with working around such a delicate organ as the eye. At Beauty Lashious, not only do we run eyelash extension training courses but we are able to supply the best equipment and supplies so when you train through us, you will be all set to provide the highest quality lash services for your clients. We keep our courses down to only four people per session, that way you are given as much one on one time with your trainer as you need. With three hours of theory and four to five hours of practical training with a live model, as well as the option of to sign up for an extra day of training, not only will you be leaving the course with a starter kit, a certificate of attendance and hard copy of the training manual for you to keep, but you will walk away with the confidence and skills to provide a high level of service to your beautiful clients.

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