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Quality Eyelash Extensions

If you’re thinking about making meaningful changes to your beauty regime, or have made a commitment to always putting your best foot forward this year, it’s time to consider eyelash extensions. The new year is here and it’s time to find ways that you can help you look and feel your best. You are probably looking for simple yet effective beauty solutions, which aren’t going to take up too much of your valuable time each day. Giving yourself the gift of eyelash extensions is a great way to treat yourself with an enhancement that helps you to have beautiful bold lashes and bright eyes every single day of the week. Regardless of if it’s a work day or the weekend, a casual day with friends or a special social event, when you have eyelash extensions your lashes will be looking fine all the time. Long, luscious lashes bring attention to your eyes and away from other potentially problem areas such as wrinkles, dry skin or blemishes. Eyelash extensions add a depth and drama to your eyes. With eyelash extensions, people will notice the change even if they can’t identify what you have done differently. Eyelash extensions are added to your existing lashes by one of our trained consultants. They simply accentuate your natural lashes by adding length and weight. There are a number of styles to choose from, depending on how much you want to add to what you have already. The staff at Beautylashious will help you review the options and pick a look that will work for you.

Caring For Your Eyelash Extensions

Summer is here and we have certainly seen some warm, humid and tropical weather so far this season. If you have had your eyelash extensions applied by the team at Beautylashious, you will have enjoyed the long lash look at festive and new year parties and events. But hot weather can cause some adverse effects on eyelash extensions, and so it’s wise to take some extra care of your lashes at this time of year. If you notice you are getting very sweaty when exercising or due to the heat, it might be worth wearing a proper headband or cap to avoid the extra moisture around your forehead and eyes. If you are going swimming, make you gently towel dry your face when you are done. And do avoid swimming or getting the lashes wet in the first few days after application. Stay out of the sauna too! The humidity could cause your lashes to be loosened prematurely. Many women like to wear some other forms of eye makeup, such as eye shadow, with their eyelash extensions, and this is fine. It will only further accentuate your beautiful peepers and give you a chance to add variety to your look. But be careful when removing eyeliner or eye shadow so as not to damage your lashes. You won’t need mascara anymore once your lashes are applied. Your friendly consultant at Beautylashious will talk you through daily care and cleaning tips. It is normal to see some degree of shedding, and you will probably want to attend the salon every couple of weeks to have any gaps filled. A short visit to our salons in Cairns, Regents Park or the Gold Coast will really give you longevity with your eyelash extensions. If the time comes that you want to remove your lashes, let the Beautylashious team help you, because trying to remove your extension by yourself can cause damage to your natural lashes.

Eyelash Extension Training

The eyes are an extremely delicate part of the body. Many people feel some apprehension about having their eyes or eyelashes touched or treated. The application of eyelash extensions requires a steady and confident hand. If you’re thinking about helping your customers to look and feel their best with eyelash extensions, it is critical you have some training and support to be able to do this job. We run regular eyelash extension training courses, to give you all of the information about theory and technical tips for getting good results. There are also lots of health and safety considerations that you will need to be knowledgeable about before you start applying eyelash extensions to friends, family or paying customers. Our courses provide both theory and practice, because after you have learnt the basics we give you the opportunity to practice on a live model. This opportunity to have direct guidance and support as you practice the art of eyelash extension technique is invaluable. We will be there to help you through any difficulties, answer questions and when you have finished the course we send you with a training manual you can use and refer to as you offer you eyelash extension services to others. Learning how to apply eyelash extensions can be a great introduction into the world of beauty services. Let us help you launch your new career in 2021!

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