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Trust the Word of Our Clientele

At Beautylashious, we take great pride in giving our clients the best beauty services possible, having them walk out of our salons across Queensland feeling fabulous. Whether it is eyelash extensions, waxing or any of our services, seeing them light up and feeling beautiful is what every person who works in the beauty industry absolutely loves to see. When we get glowing reviews from our clients, it makes us feel like we are achieving our goals and motivates us to continue providing the best service possible for all our current and future clientele. Getting feedback like “always happy with my lashes extensions and brow wax. I have never been more happy with a service (sic), all the girls are professional, friendly and never disappoint,” from one of our happy clients is always so heart-warming. Getting five-star reviews is not just a sign that we provide quality service but hearing how our clientele feel comfortable and safe at our salons is something that we cannot be more thankful for. Another highlight from us is too hear that all our staff are able to provide absolutely amazing service. One of our valued clients Keren states, “I just go with whoever is available and honestly they are all great,” and that is a rarity in many areas of the beauty industry. No matter what service we offer, and who is doing it, many of our clientele have said they feel relaxed and are happy with their experience. For eyelash extensions and other beauty services in Queensland, check to see if there is a Beautylashious salon near you so you can experience it for yourself. Eyelash Extensions for You

Eyelash extensions have been launched into one of the hottest beauty trends of the last few years and they do not seem to be losing any momentum. A perfect way to accentuate your natural lashes, these extensions are a simple way to elevate any look. Saving you the time and energy of false lashes and layers of mascara, you are able to pick the look you want from subtle and natural to dramatic and glamourous. No matter what style you prefer, there is a look to suit you. Eyelash extensions may not be able to be as DIY as traditional fake lashes on a strip, but they are worth every effort. Applied by a lash specialist, each lash is applied individually and layered until the look that you desire is achieved. It is a little tedious, but the adhesive is normally waterproof and black so they will blend in nicely with your natural lashes. Giving a fuller and glamorous effect, eyelash extensions come in range of colours, weights and lengths. Beautylashious is one salon that has garnered a reputation of applying some of the most beautiful and glamorous lashes. Located in Cairns, Regents Parks and the Gold Coast, we are the best place to visit if you live locally and want to check out to see what eyelash extensions are all about.

Diversify Your Services Fallen in love with eyelash extensions? Are you already offering beauty services? Then diversifying your services is a great way to offer more to your clients. If you are already having people come in for their brows or other waxing, you will find that when you offer eyelash extensions, your current clients are likely to jump onboard and you may even find more clients. If you are based in Cairns, Regents Park or Gold Coast areas, then contact Beautylashious and check out when our next training courses are. In our courses, we only take a maximum of four students to ensure that you get all attention you need to really learn how to apply lashes properly and learn all the ins and outs of the craft. It is a full day training course, going into theory as well as getting plenty of guided practical experience. It is also a great place to start if you have always wanted to start working in the beauty industry. We will give you all the knowledge you need to get started and help you get on your way to successfully provide amazing eyelash extensions for your future clients.

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