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After 2-3 minutes apply 1 small drop onto a microfiber brush and wipe along the glue bonding points. from the front and the back. This will speed up the whole process by locking in the connection point from the lash to the natural lash. glue bond will cure within 2 minutes. So ULTRA BONDER pushes humidity out of the glue bonding point so the glue bond around the lash becomes tighter.

Our products are quality tested to ensure the highest quality is maintained.

This revolutionary solution reinforces suppleness, increasing flexibility of any eyelash glue and extending retention of lashes by up to 30%. 

Our ULTRA BONDER is the newest product and targets a specific need for maximising lash retention.

Ultra Bonder instantly bonds adhesive fumes, resulting in less irritation for client’s eyes after treatment. When these vapours are contained, adhesives also achieve much better retention.
Ultra Bond can be used with all types of lashes and any type of lash glue.

This amazing solution means you don’t need to use a Nanomister after the lash application. There is no longer waiting for 24-48 hours to get lashes cured, clients can wet the lashes without the fear of losing extensions. One bottle lasts up to 200 clients. 

Longer lasting lashes = shorter appointment time. You will see the difference!

Ultra Bonder

$69.95 Regular Price
$55.96Sale Price
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