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Refresher Mega Volume
(1 day)

Have you attended a Mega Volume course, but do not feel ready to provide this service yet? This in-depth Refresher Mega Volume course has been created to strengthen your skills.

Would you like to improve your Mega Volume technique? With this refresher volume training, you can improve on your technique and develop your strengths so that you have the confidence to provide this highly sought-after service.



Training Topics

Theoretical Part

(approx. 2 hours)

  • Problem analysis

  • Material science

  • set priorities

  • Multi-layer gluing

  • Sales training for our care products

  • Pricing

  • Review of your own knowledge

  • Open question and answer sessions

Practical Part
(approx. 6 hours)

  • Put on eye pads correctly

  • Choosing the right eyelash lengths

  • Working with different gluing techniques

  • Mixing the curls & strengths

  • Separate eyelashes quickly and safely

  • Create subjects correctly

  • Correct positioning of the subjects on the natural eyelash

  • Avoid sticking eyelashes

  • Train your speed

Once you have purchased our course, we will get in contact with you to schedule a suitable training day. Or you can click "book now' to check for availabilities and purchase through our booking system

Included In The Training Price


  • Training folder

  • Working material

  • Beverages

  • Certificate

  • Professional support

Important Information

You need a model for the entire day of the training. The model must come to the training day without make-up and without permanent eyelash extensions or lash lifting.

Please let us know at least 3 weeks before the start of the training whether you will bring a model yourself for this day or whether we should provide you with a model. For this service we charge you a one-time fee of $60.

The tweezers required for the training are NOT included in the training price! You can either purchase the right tweezers from us on our website for $36 or you can bring your own tweezers with you.

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