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Classic or Volume Technique

(1 day)


If you want to realize your dream as a lash stylist, but have no experience with eyelashes yet, our 1-day training will get you started. 


This 1 day jam-packed Basic Training course is only available in small groups or one on one. In this Course you spend the day with us to learn and practice on a live model. If you are information hungry and have great information retention, this course has a lot to offer and therefore fast speed. The day will be over in a blink of an eyelash. 

If you worry about information overload, book the 2 day course to gain more experience or book another day to learn the Russian Volume technique. 

This is the technique we use in all our Salons and makes us so unique to other Lash Salons and Technicians


You have progressed past the Basic level of eyelash extension and now you want to step up your skills level to the next level. Now is the time to move into the Russian Volume Technique training.


Increase your sales opportunities by adding the Russian Volume Technique product to your eyelash studio. This technique will enable you to increase the variety of services you provide to your clients and help in attracting more customers. 




or Classic Technique 

Important Information

We always recommend our 2-day volume intensive training if you have no previous knowledge of volume technology, such as from another volume training.

Once you have purchased our course, we will get in contact with you to schedule a suitable training day. Or you can click "book now' to check for availabilities and purchase through our booking system


Training Topics


Theory and practice of the various subject techniques

Theoretical part:

  • Theoretical explanation of different volume techniques (2D, 3D, Hollywood, Russian)

  • Lash mapping - individual styling of the different eye shapes

  • Marketing / profitability / pricing 

  • Practical part (NOT on the model):

  • Practice different fan techniques with your fingers - tweezers technique

  • Fan forming in perfection

  • Glue training (how do I attach the fan to natural eyelashes in a durable manner?)

  • Which glue is right for me?

Included In The Training Price


  • Online training manuel  

  • Working material

  • Beverages

  • Certificate

  • Professional support

starter kit as panel.png

Important Information

The tweezers required for the training are NOT included in the training price! You can either purchase the right tweezers from us on our website for $36 or you can bring your own tweezers with you.


Training Subjects / overview


  • Step 1: Theory Power Point Presentation

  • General knowledge eyelash extension

  • Salon set up Tips

  • All we need to know about the Natural Lashes and how it effects the Extension application

  • Lash Bible (Silk, Mink, BPT, Russian Volume, Curls, thickness, Premade, Kim-K......)

  • Material information (glue, tweezers and other essentials )

  • Health & Safety 

  • Hygiene

  • Contraindications

  • Consultation Script

  • Lash preparation

  • Adhesive control, Anker points & Symmetry

  • Treatment procedure (step by step live Demonstration)

  • Speed lashing

  • Aftercare advice 

  • Single and Full Set Removal 

  • Lash Infill procedure

  • How to work with difficult Lashes and Eyes

  • Before and After Pictures and Editing Apps 

  •  Step 2: Working on the model directly at our salon (4-5 hours of practice)

  • Lash preparation including 3 ways to apply Eye pads.

  • Retention Tips

  • Lash placement and on a mannequin

  • Eyelash extension application on your live model with about 80 eyelashes

  • Open Q&A session

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