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Eyelash Extensions

Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume.



We Want You To Look & Feel Your Best!

While you might find a particular lash style that most appeals to you, please note that not all lashes can be applied to all different lash bases. 


*For refills, at least a third of the lash line must be present.



This provides the most natural look where the lashes are created to match a natural-looking ratio.


Typically every lash is extended. The classic look is a great introduction to the world of eyelash extensions if you have not tried them before. You are able to experience your more beautiful lashes without the feeling of going extreme.



The hybrid combination mixes the classic and volume extensions together producing a texture that is more noticeable than the classic look. It is appealing to those who like to add a little more spark to their look and express more of their personality.

This mix offers a certain amount of volume and can help define the eyes while also adding a fuller look that is soft due to the varying lengths of the lashes.

The hybrid combination is a popular choice because it offers the best of both worlds.



Our volume lashes are exactly that!

Noticeable, glamorous, and a little bit on the wild side. 


If you’re ready to live a little these lashes are made to get you noticed. With the variety of thicknesses and lengths, our volume lashes make it easy for you to dress to impress.


*Please note that not all lashes can be possible for all clients. Our client’s own lash base needs to have a certain stability before the more weighted styles can be applied. 


We have our own specialist Lash Techs that are fully trained in understanding what type of lash will work with your own lash base. They are also prepared to give you alternative solutions if something else is required. 

Mega Volume

This is exactly what the name implies. With this lash, there are

no half-measures. Our Beautylashious
Mego Volume is exactly what it sounds like. 

Full volume. 

Full look. 

Full lash line.

Providing you with lashes that boldly define your eyes and bring attention to your extrovert personality. This look is for someone who is not afraid to stand up and be noticed for who they are.

Important Note On Eyelash Extension Infills

After 2 or 3 weeks of wear, due to the natural progression of shredding and wear and tear, gaps can begin to show in your eyelash extensions. For this reason, we advise our customers to get eyelash extension infills. These are individual lashes or fans that fill those gaps and bring your lashes back to their full original pristine look.

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