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Education Time

A full set of Lashes takes our senior lash technician about 60-80min and our Experienced  lash technicians 70-110min. 

But… Not all eyes and lashes are the same. . .


Some lashes are more difficult to lash.

For example mature eyes.


The Lashes on a mature eye for example are getting finer and shorter and the eyes starting to 

sink in and becoming smaller.


This makes it more challenging for the therapist to isolate the natural lash and apply the extension.


Some clients' lashes are crossing over and some hide completely when their eyes are closed.


Some clients have teary eyes or shaky eyes.

And the naughty clients have simply dirty lashes lol.

So the takeaway from This is:

If you fall into the category of difficult lashes/eyes, please book in with our Senior Therapist

FULL SET               a minimum of 80 Lashes per eye
INFILL                   is 50% in 40-50 min
EXTRA FILL             is 75% in 50-60 min
EXPRESS FILL          is 25% In 30 min

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